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Whether you're looking at Dascoin as a customer or as an Advocate, this article is a must-read. It says it all.

As you may know, Dascoin actually approached this high-end publication with a view to advertising in it alongside many worldwide brands such as Bentley. The crucial thing to remember here is that Millionaire Asia, which was chosen by the team as an advertising source due to the fact that Cryptos are so prevalent in Asia whom are years ahead of the west in uptake terms, actually VETTED Dascoin before accepting them into their publication. They do this with all prospective advertisers : essentially, a company has to prove it's worth and it's ethics before this publication even accepts them.

Fantastically, not only did Millionnaire Asia ACCEPT Dascoin but they flew to Zurich to attend the launch of their internal exchange and then ran a 24 page unpaid FEATURE on Dascoin when they recognised the credibility of the team, the infrastructure and the entire venture.

This is absolute gold dust to Dascoin. A very well written article, this shows the absolute credibility of this company as well as giving you just a tiny glimpse into a cryptocurrency future which is going to be dominated by Dascoin - worldwide.

Please settle down with a cuppa, read the article and then refer back to the person who sent you to this group to find out what to do next.